How To Dress Your Body Shape For Work

As graduation has come and passed, I am in the midst of the ever stressful job hunt. How to keep your cool and stay excited about your unknown future? Shop for work clothes, of course!


I’ve been a little too into distressed jeans lately, but I love how a few rips and tears can really transform an outfit. I went about 1 month without a trip to the thrift store, and of course when I finally had time to go last week there was a crazy amount…

The Only 5 Outfits You Need For January

The only 5 outfits you need to start your 2017 on the right foot.

The Thrift Hunter’s Handbook – Chapter 1: Secondhand Cartography

Thrifting. Resaling. Secondhand. Consignment. There are many names, and decades of treasures hiding in every city across America. Welcome to the Thrift Hunter’s Club, where this handbook will teach you everything you need to know about thrifting. I hope that even if you consider yourself a black belt in the…

5 Free (And Almost Free) Ways To Improve Your Skin

Nothing says fall like sweaters, boots… and dry, dull skin. So I’m sharing my 5 easiest (and free!) skin-loving tips so you can enjoy the new season without hiding behind a scarf!

Best Drugstore Products for Growing Long, Healthy Hair

Here are my tips and drugstore favorites for restoring health and balance to your hair whether you’re wanting to grow it long or keep it long! I have naturally straight, medium to thick brunette hair, which has been colored. I actually have colored my hair within the past year. Multiple…

Repurposed Indie Choker Tutorial

My very first shortonchange DIY tutorial is for a super simple choker made from an old earring!