How To Dress Your Body Shape For Work

As graduation has come and passed, I am in the midst of the ever stressful job hunt. How to keep your cool and stay excited about your unknown future? Shop for work clothes, of course!

Style Study: Louisa Clark in Me Before You

I just finished Me Before You last night, and I was totally inspired by Louisa Clark’s (Emilia Clarke) style. Her signature looks feature lots of colorful layers and mixed prints paired with fun shoes and accessories.


So my graduation weekend didn’t go exactly as planned…but let me tell you about my first Revolve experience!


  It’s finally August (my birthday month!) and I’m keeping my tones cool and my shoulders bare in easy-to-put-together outfits.


I’ve been a little too into distressed jeans lately, but I love how a few rips and tears can really transform an outfit. I went about 1 month without a trip to the thrift store, and of course when I finally had time to go last week there was a crazy amount…

The Only 5 Outfits You Need For January

The only 5 outfits you need to start your 2017 on the right foot.


A couple weeks ago I was home for the weekend, and the forest behind my house was finally showing its beautiful fall colors. The orange and bark brown palette inspired my Sunday outfit featuring one of my most unique vintage dresses, a Laundry by Shelli Segal piece handed down to me by…