How To Dress Your Body Shape For Work

As graduation has come and passed, I am in the midst of the ever stressful job hunt. How to keep your cool and stay excited about your unknown future? Shop for work clothes, of course!

I personally feel that men’s wear is never out for women. There is no easier way to elevate an outfit, especially when going for that professional look, then to mix in some masculine pieces. It can be a struggle to know how to dress your body shape for work, however. Here I’ve gathered up some easy to replicate outfits to inspire your inner workaholic. I’m going to include outfits for the most common body types, as I know that well-tailored looks are hardest when you have to dress for a certain body shape. And don’t worry, none of the pieces are over $150 dollars… but snag them while they are on sale!


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Don’t be shy about your booty! Flaunt it in its best light by pairing tapered cigarette trousers, that elongate your legs, with tops that come just to the waist of your pants. Pick tops that have ruffled shoulders, embellishments, and high necks to draw the eye from your hips and give you a deliciously curvy silhouette!


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Similar to the pear shape, the key to pulling off men’s wear with an apple shape is to put your curves in the best light and play with hemlines. Bring the waist of your pants up and pick tops that accentuate a higher waistline, a little under your chest. Draw attention to your beautiful face with bold earrings. Chunky bracelets will make your wrists and arms look smaller, as will a kitten heel with your calves (if you don’t mind wearing heels). Avoid low-waist anything, it doesn’t do your full backside justice!

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This is the body shape I would identify most with. It is often harder for women with larger busts to wear professional shirts because they typically have buttons, and you have to avoid any necklines that dip too low. But with an inverted triangle shape, you have broader shoulders as well, which allow you to pick more tailored jackets than the other shapes since you have a nice frame to accentuate the clean lines. Don’t skip over v-necks just yet…pick wrap shirts that give you an extra layer of fabric to keep you secure and bring the frame of your shoulders in just a bit to reveal the femininity of the shirt. Pick trousers that come up higher and have wider waistlines so that it adds volume on the hips. Belts are also good to balance a heavy top as well. Throw a boyfriend style blazer on and pick loafers with a pointy toe as opposed to a round toe. Layer a few long dainty necklaces and simple drop earrings for another touch of femininity to close out your perfect work ootd.

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The curvy girls can’t have all the fun! Let your feminine side run wild in gauzy tops and pair it with a clean pair of suit pants. My favorite style of top for girls with a smaller chest is the baby doll style. Pick a blazer of matching color to throw on when you need it, and have the hem of the pants end at your ankles to accentuate your thin legs, or pick a gorgeous flare leg set! Let loose with your layers and choose some chunky loafers to keep it masculine.


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Dressing for an hourglass is all about balance. Not that the others aren’t, but in this case, you have equal weight on top and bottom to keep in mind. Start with some of the pieces like the ones above, learn where your curves stretch the fabrics and pick pants and tops that are sewn to accommodate in these areas. You should look for pants with a nice flat waist hem, fitted legs and a bit of flare towards the bottom (or conversely an oversized pair). Grab tops that have fitted arms and thinner fabrics to avoid overbulking a bigger chest. Your blazers should be well-fitted and made of thinner fabric as well. Opt for a heel when you can and keep the shoes simple.

Picking fitted suit sets might not cut it, and it would be a good idea to find a tailor in your town to take new pieces to, giving you to-die-for blazers and pants that you never have to second guess.

I hope this guide on how to dress your body shape for work helped you feel confident the next time you go shopping! Let me know what body shape you fit in the comments below, and make sure you’re following my blog by entering your email in the sidebar!

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  1. Angela Justice
    July 24, 2018 / 1:26 am

    Finally! Fashion and body shape not… how to fashion camouflage for your body shape!! The potential of combining a few pieces of men’s clothing with my basic fashion at work has always been fun and strangely empowering for me! Incorporating your tips on body shape with this look is wonderful! Well done Sophia🤗

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