Style Study: Louisa Clark in Me Before You

I just finished Me Before You last night, and I was totally inspired by Louisa Clark’s (Emilia Clarke) style. Her signature looks feature lots of colorful layers and mixed prints paired with fun shoes and accessories.

I picked a few of my favorite outfits, although it was hard to pick just a few, and put together some wearable looks. I did keep it affordable, of course, with a few exceptions that I felt fit the look better. Of course, Louisa’s looks are a bit eccentric…but her clothes are a part of her personality and she has fun with her outfits. The costume department really nailed the mix-match piece look, the key is to create a foundation for the outfit in the accessories and tying the ensemble together through complementary colors. A little bit vintage and modern, you can find several of her pieces in stores like H&M, Free People, Anthropologie, and Poetic License (I also found out you can buy some of the outfits Emilia Clarke really wore on set through eBay, that is if you have a couple grand just laying around…)

Puffy Sweater and Skirt Outfit

Louisa clark in me before you fluffy sweater

An easy way to mix prints is to pick a striped piece and pair it with a pattern piece, like the sweater and skirt combo here. Keep it tied together by picking tights/socks and a scarf from colors in the patterned piece. Keep the shoes understated and pick a fun novelty bag (one of Louisa’s staples).

Red Slicker Outfit

Louisa clark in me before you red slicker

A super modern PVC jacket balances out floral patterned cigarette trousers to keep this look young. Pair with slick buckled ankle boots and a bright bag.

Nautical Outfit

Louisa clark in me before you nautical outfit

I love the skirt Louisa wore here, and while it would be hard to find a skirt similar, there are several midi length skirts with fun patterns you can find for under $100. Mod Cloth is one of my favorite stores for vintage and retro styled pieces. Pair a boat neck blouse with a voluminous print skirt, and keep it tailored with a fitted, flat-waist hem or a shirt that tapers in at the waist. Pick a neckerchief that matches a color from your skirt and throw some fun platform sneakers on!
Blue Overall Dress Outfit

Louisa clark in me before you blue overall dress

This is one of my favorite outfits! I could mix and match overall dresses all day, but I figured only a few would give you some inspiration to find your own! Such a casual and comfy outfit that really allows you to play with patterns and colors. I like to add a super fun tee or blouse with a simple colored overall dress and some really cool gauze socks. This look is super young and almost anyone could pull it off with a few tweaks to make it your own.

Yellow Bicycle Outfit

Louisa clark in me before you yellow bike outfit

I love the color play in this outfit, the yellow top with the yellow patterned skirt fools the eye into thinking its a dress. With toned down colors, you can really go wild with your matching. Accessories are key so the eye isn’t drawn to any single piece and keeps it looking put together.

If you go just a bit outside your comfort zone, you will find that is really easy to mix and match without looking like you got dressed in the dark. If you love the pieces you wear then it doesn’t matter what anyone says! I hope this inspired you to try some new funky pieces the next time you shop!

Who is your style inspiration? Has a movie/tv character influenced your style? Let me know in the comments, and don’t forget to like and follow my blog for more inspo!
featured photo illustration by Dawoon Kim

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