My Non-New Year’s Resolution Resolution

My Non-New Year’s Resolution Resolution


Remember when I said 2017 was going to be a year of change? Poor early-2017 me really didn’t stand a chance. Life this year has been less ‘pretty nudges off the beaten path‘ and more of a ‘the path was wiped out by floods and locusts and now we wander aimlessly through the desert‘ vibe…its fine. I’m fine. But what is fine?

Fine is waking up in a bad mood, looking in the mirror and deciding that a cute outfit is your cure-all. Fine is booking an appointment to get your hair done and deciding to come back to that “how are you?” question once you’re a blonde. Fine is receiving Christmas cards in the mail and guilt-tripping yourself into yet another Pinterest board. Fine is the same as TBD. I don’t have room in my calendar for all of this deciding, and also I’m horrible at making decisions. Ask literally any one of my 2 friends.


“So what are you gonna do about being fine?” Well I’m glad you asked hypothetical internet friend. I don’t do New Year’s resolutions, so consider this my non-New Year’s Resolution resolution. Or lovingly referred to as NNYRR in this essay blog post. I’m going to use all of the knowledge I have learned as I tumbled through this red-headed stepchild of a year, and I’m just gonna re-write my brain dictionary. If you’re still reading, God bless you.

When you use “I’m fine” as a response to that robotic social question we all get asked at least once a day you’re lying to yourself too, dude. Yes, the cashier at Chipotle might not actually care how you are…but you do! Or you should. Something made you say “fine” instead of “good,” and one of those 5 guys from Inside Out knows why. Just kidding, please don’t use a Pixar movie as a psychological reference. Or do…hell, everyone knows you can just test out of Psych 101 after watching those over-saturated color blobs argue for an hour. RIP Bing Bong.


I’m not saying be that guy that over shares their day to the minimum wage worker at the register, but think about how your day is really going while you eat that burrito in the parking lot. Great, now I’m hungry. Lemme just wrap up this post by saying, I’m proud of 2017 me. She mourned loss, celebrated personal victories, and welcomed new friends into her life. But… I am really excited for 2018 me. And “fine” isn’t good enough for her. She wants to be great.

What were your favorite parts of 2017? Who are you most excited to become in 2018? I wanna hear it all! Don’t forget to leave a like and share with your pals! 


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