I’ve been a little too into distressed jeans lately, but I love how a few rips and tears can really transform an outfit. I went about 1 month without a trip to the thrift store, and of course when I finally had time to go last week there was a crazy amount of great finds (including the jeans and shirt in this post!) My name is Sophia, and it has been 5 days since my last thrift.

Let me talk about this top. It was one of those shirts that you don’t even need to think about buying when you spot it on the rack. I was browsing the size smalls and just happened to turn around to see this treasure, with its strips of pattern against the beautiful chiffon sleeves… love at first sight. It’s a medium but the structure of it doesn’t make it obvious that it’s one size up, plus I get some extra billow-iness in the sleeves.

The jeans were found in the children’s section, with all the tags still on them, and Levis are always a good thrift. I went full Edward Scissorhands on these guys and took them in at the waist a bit so they fit snug against me, which I think helps to make them look a little nicer since they are a distressed wash to begin with.

These shoes are one of my favorites, and I really don’t care for kitten heels. I bought them 2 years ago on Poshmark and they are such a great fit. I highly recommend if you find Isaac Mizrahi for Target anywhere to snag them up. The pointed toe and petite bow are a subtle touch to class up an outfit, especially when paired with the distressed jeans.

Wanna know my method of distressing madness? Get the perfect rips and tears on any pair of jeans with a pair of very sharp scissors. First, I shorten the bottom by cutting into the side of the jeans a little under how short I actually want them, then rip that piece of fabric straight across. Pulling up at all will make the tear go higher. Cut the the strip off at the seam and repeat for the back. Do this on both sides and then put the jeans on to make the holes. Take your scissors and hold them by one of the blades, striking it with a little pressure so you slice the denim but not through to your skin (don’t worry – it takes a lot to puncture through with average scissors). Go back over the same spot if once wasn’t enough to separate the denim in at least one spot, then either bend your knee or pull gently on either side until the fabric comes apart to expose skin. I start at just above the knee and work my way down with varying widths and space between rips. The denim should naturally fray and some white fringe staying connected is desired. If you want more fray on your tears take your scissor blade again and run it back and forth on the exposed denim as fast as you can while keeping the blade almost parallel to your leg. Make sure to keep the edge taut with your one free hand and a book, your foot, a fat cat…whatever is handy.
For fraying the bottom hem that you’ve previously ripped off, repeat the same method, slicing down on the hem to rip some of that ~good~ white fabric down and trim if the strings are too long. Practice makes perfect, remember to be conservative when cutting because you can always take more fabric off and make more tears. It will always look different on, and its easy to get carried away when distressing!

I hope you enjoyed this little outfit post and mini distressing tutorial! What kind of denim is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below, and make sure to like this post if you want to see more outfits of the day! 


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