Why I Changed My Blog Name – An Update

Why I Changed My Blog Name – An Update

I’ve had several ideas for blog posts since the last time I posted ( if you haven’t read my The Only 5 Outfits You Need For January article, go read it now…I’ll wait.) but I feel like I can’t type anything without addressing the fact that I’ve changed my blog name and rearranged my site as well. So here I am, addressing it.


To say I am an inconsistent blogger would be an understatement, but one of my goals this year is to figure out how to fit blogging into my life regularly. Along with some other things like pay off bills and become a respectable human being… but that’s beside the point. I’ve had the liberty of experimenting with my style and image since I am still relatively new. But I don’t do anything 50%… I mean I at least shoot for 65% effort! (jk.) I struggled with feeling like shortonchange and the IRL me were in sync and perhaps that’s why I have more drafts then published posts in almost a year of blogging.

So I spent about a month and half of weighing the pros and cons of changing my blog name and thinking of new names that I felt: a. embodied at least some of my personality b. I could be proud to say “yeah that’s my blog” c. I didn’t have to explain (okay I realize that is exactly what I’m doing now but this doesn’t count ok.) AND d. didn’t put me into a box. Which is really the major reason for the rebranding. I am cheap… probably, nay most definitely, to a fault. I enjoy a good bargain. I relish in my cheapness. As Bane once said, “I was born from it, molded by it.”  But it’s not completely who I am. Here let me use another excuse to use percentages: (it makes me feel smart. (so do parenthesis)) I am only 5% cheapness. I am also 40% passionately creative, 30% a sarcastic and self-deprecating sense of humor, 10% aesthetic wannabe, 5% of me is just pure coffee, (pause for me to do math in my head) and the remaining 10% I haven’t figured out… or maybe I just don’t realize it yet. That’s one reason I have this blog. I’ve never been good at keeping diaries. I always felt something was very sad about me telling myself how my day was, I was all, “what’s the point of this I remember what happened yesterday and no I don’t want to relive it.” 7 year old me was woke af. Or just had issues with communicating my feelings, but whatever I’m leaving that one for my therapist . I just feel better knowing I’m writing it and sending it out into my corner of the internet where some people like to visit and read what I have to say ( hi mom.)

So as I nourished this thought of my little corner in the world wide interwebs, I thought “well gosh what kind of space am I trying to create here?” And like Edison inventing the lightbulb… it took me a long time to get it right. I have my sister to thank for giving me a lot of really terrible ideas (spoiler: we took turns saying names and vegetables out loud at the same time to make really awful word sandwiches) and thus helping me settle on something simple.


My legal name is Sophia, but I’ve always gone by Sophie in my family and friend group for no reason in particular, but I can tell you I had a particular distaste for the character on Golden Girls by the same name, so I avoided any comparisons. Because obviously what 7 year old girl wouldn’t worry about such a thing. That was my 30% sarcasm. My freshmen year French professor said it best, “Your name is Sophia but you go by Sophie? Why? One is Italian and one is French?” And I couldn’t give her an answer. It made me feel like a poser and also have a bit of an identity crisis because I’m dramatic. I love the French language and culture, but her questions made me become acutely aware every time someone asked which was my real name. Sophie isn’t really short for Sophia except by number of syllables, but I never really questioned it. I don’t actually have a point in telling you about this, but that this is me embracing the Sophia. And once I knew I wanted Sophia to be in the name I thought that Vita Via Sophia had a good ring to it, and also my French professor would be satisfied that I included Italian words to match.

2017 has already given me a feeling that I’m gonna be going through a lot of changes in my life this year. I’m taking a semester off of college albeit me being 5 classes away from a diploma, and honestly I don’t feel the need to rush that right now. Some people might say “you’re so close why wouldn’t you just finish??” and other people who know how college works these days knows that even if they offered every single class I need in this one semester, and I got into all those classes without being waitlisted, and none of them overlapped or required prerequisites, there is still a little issue I’m working out with the Financial Aid office. This has nothing to do with fashion or beauty but this is now ‘life via Sophia’, and I too wish my life could be filled with all things outfits and makeup. My dad would disagree though, I’m pretty sure he thinks I just cry and spend money all day. He really loves finances. I’d say he’s probably 80% passionate about finances. Okay maybe the remaining ten percent of me I left out is just more sarcasm.


I mentioned earlier about the goals I have for this year, and I wanted to end it on an optimistic tone by sharing them. Some goals might seem small to other bloggers but I’m a stubborn person and I always like to prove to myself I can do something on my own before I really invest in it. I’d like to build my blog to the point where buying the domain and hosting it as an official site is not only feasible for me, but logical. Similarly, I’d like to get a proper camera for blogging, videos, etc. I had a camera when I was younger for a while and I remember how much I loved taking cliche pictures of rocks and such. So if you have suggestions for cameras let me know in the comments!

So now you know why I felt that I needed to change my blog name, and hopefully you will be hearing from me more and more. If you’re a blogger starting out as well I’d love to connect with you! One thing that has kept me motivated to post is the great community of style and beauty bloggers I’ve come across.

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  1. Anonymous
    February 7, 2017 / 11:57 am

    Maybe it’s just me but this is just pee my pants hysterical and I have read it 3 times! Gotta change my outfit now~Goodluck❣💓 new blog name

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