Marshall's Mini Haul

Marshall's Mini Haul

Last Thursday was the grand opening of the Marshall’s in my college town, and if you know me you know I love me some Marshall’s! I do most of my regular clothes and skincare shopping here when I go back home but now I have my favorite store much closer, and I’m a very happy girl!
I can’t help it when I am in Marshall’s, there is just so many things I love!! Let me gush for a moment, I love Marshall’s for a couple reasons: 1. It’s different every time you walk in 2. name brand treasures without the hefty price tag 3. the variety is endless. Even though I’ve been focused (read: wandering aimlessly) on home decor for my recent move, I made sure to check the beauty and skincare aisles. I picked up some things I have had on my list for a while, and a couple I wanted to try. My budget when I was browsing for these items was even lower than usual because I didn’t intend to buy anything besides a moisturizer, so keep in mind that there are lots of very good options in these categories just a few dollars more if you are in the market for some skincare and clothing  on the low!


I finally ran out of my NewAge Beauty Collagen facial oil I got from Tuesday Morning back in January, hence the main reason for my trip to Marshall’s. I usually find skincare brands I haven’t tried before on sale, and there are always plenty of options under $10 so I feel there is less risk if it doesn’t end up working for me. I spotted this brand, Arad, and I was intrigued by the natural ingredients so I figured it was a safe bet. After comparing the three different moisturizers I thought I would try the Night Cream for Normal Skin with Marine Collagen & Pomegranate Extract, which is to help accelerate the absorption of the nutrients. They also had a day cream that can double as a primer which I plan on trying soon, I apply a little of the night cream during the day when I go sans makeup but I don’t want to clog my pores since it is so thick. I’m planning on doing a more in depth review of this product in my next skincare post!
buy it: here


Don’t Ask Why is the newest collection to come out of AEO, designed in NYC and made in Italy. They have a lot of fun trendy tops and their easy, one-sized- fits most pieces can be mixed and matched.

I absolutely love seeing this brand in Marshall’s and TJ Maxx. That was the first place I became familiar with them, and I had no idea that it was an American Eagle private label until writing this blog post! Don’t Ask Why quickly became a little obsession of mine when I felt how soft and slinky their tees and crop tanks were last summer. I wanted to buy all of them! I try to get one each time I see them when I’m in Marshall’s or TJ Maxx, slowly building my collection of these perfect little tees and tanks. Think jersey material but thicker and more of that worn vintage cotton tee appearance. Their designs are very young and summery, often with moons (my favorite) and little quotes. The plain tanks are what I love, they are perfect for layering and working out or just for loungewear. I debated on buying this XXX Adults Only crop because of the provocativeness, but then I remembered that I don’t really care so I bought it lol. They had other similar cropped ringer tees but I loved the yellow color of this one as well.
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I was planning on just browsing the clothing selection, and with luck, snagging one or two all black tops I could wear to work at Ulta. With any new store the selection is mostly limited, but there definitely weren’t any sparse racks at the Grand Opening for this new Marshall’s. I didn’t see a ton of plain tops that I would be willing to pay more than $10 bucks for, but I was really happy to find this black bodysuit with the corseted neckline. It’s a really stretchy material, and the long sleeves balance out the thinness of it. It was only $7.99 as well so I went ahead and grabbed one in my size.
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I’ve been needing some tighter fitting pants that I can wear to work, and I didn’t see any black trousers that I thought would fit me, but I did see these soft leggings and I thought the price was so good, and they weren’t too shiny so I went ahead and grabbed them as well. They are really comfortable, and are easy to dress up or down! I will definitely be including these in a lot of my outfits this winter.
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I hope you enjoyed this mini haul, let me know what reviews you want to see me do next in the comments! Leave a like and make sure you are following my blog so you can start making the most out of your money! <3



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