Briogeo Hair Treatment Collection Review

img_4816This week I had the chance to test out some new hair care products from the brand Briogeo! I was sent their Rosarco Repair Shampoo and Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask and after a couple of uses I’m ready to share my full review with you!

If you aren’t familiar with Briogeo, they are a natural hair product company boasting texture-specific products for every hair…from repair, to volume, to curl care. I was sent two of their products to try, and I wasn’t previously familiar with this brand but I could tell right away they know their stuff. Their system is simplified, organizing the products your hair needs into two-four step regimens that “take the guesswork out of mixing and matching formulas to find a custom routine to volumize, repair, defrizz or nurture, as needed.” If you are curious I highly suggest checking their website out, as they have a short quiz to help you find what products your hair needs!
The company has a wide range of products they back up with science, and if you doubted how much “science” they could possibly invest in their hair treatments just take a peek at the Look + Learn tab on their site, where you can read more about what the company does and doesn’t put in their formulas and why. Something that caught my eye was the Briogeo “6-Free” promise. Simply put, the company does not include these 6 ingredients in any of their products:

Sulfates: Harsh, synthetic surfactants used to dissolve dirt and oil
Concerns: Can cause scalp irritation, follicle inflammation, and cause hair to become dry and dull
Silicones: Lightweight, synthetic, petroleum-derived polymers that coat the hair cuticle to lock out frizz and enhance shine
Concerns: Excessive build up and “clogging” of the hair cuticle that can lead to hair loss and often requires a harsh shampoo for adequate removal.
Phthalates: Chemicals used to stabilize synthetic fragrances
Concerns: Potential reproductive and developmental toxicity
Parabens: Synthetic preservatives meant to inhibit bacteria growth and extend the shelf life of products
Concerns: Scientific studies that may indicate a link between paraben ingestion and certain types of cancers
DEA: A foaming and product thickening agent
Concerns:  Linked to allergies, skin toxicity, hormone disruption, and inhibited fetal brain development. 
Artificial Dyes: Synthetic agents used to cosmetically tint products
Concerns: Can cause scalp irritation and can be problematic for those with allergies or sensitive skin and eyes.

I was aware that many shampoos include less than friendly ingredients but never took the time to wonder what they were or why they could negatively affect my hair. Briogeo did the research for me and I feel like the next time I’m shopping for shampoo I will be comparing the ingredients to Briogeo’s list. If you have chronic scalp or skin problems it never hurts to get more information about what goes into the products you use daily!


The Roscaro repair shampoo runs about $24. Like I said above, it boasts no sulfates, silicones and is paraben free. At 8 oz it’s smaller than the normal bottles of shampoo I pick up at the drugstore, but this wasn’t a problem. Plus the bottle is pretty unique so I was excited to put this to work on my seriously frazzled tresses.
I usually don’t like to try new shampoos because you never know if they will do what they say they will do and my hair is pretty fragile. I have had long hair for years now and it has been highlighted and colored a couple of times over that span, adding to frizziness and damage. My hair is naturally very straight, usually thick but I have noticed thinning on my hairline due to stress recently.
This shampoo exceeded my expectations completely. First, you only need a little bit even for long hair which I loved. And the smell! When I started lathering, the warm beachy fragrance instantly relaxed me (like an herbal essence commercial) and it kept my hair smelling yummy long after my shower. It’s definitely very cleansing, no residue or weighing down, but the shampoo itself does not make your hair feel more moisturized per se, just healthier which is the purpose.
I used this shampoo with their Don’t Despair, Repair! deep conditioning mask each time so far and I highly recommend using them together as you will want to use a moisturizing product and conditioner if your hair is very dry and frizzy like mine at least for the first uses. The only con I have found is that I do feel that my hair gets a bit more tangly which I have read from a few other reviews, this is a problem with long hair in general though. My hair does not show oil as much even after day 3 and frizz is kept at bay!
I give this an 7/10!



This little guy is my favorite of the two, and I think it just became my new must-have hair product and I will tell you exactly why it will be yours too!
I have used quite a few hair masks over the years and even more serums, so it takes a lot for me to repurchase hair products as I rarely ever find one that stands out. I may be a tad picky, but I almost feel like I could grab any serum, mask, mist…you name it and not even look at the brand. They look, smell, and feel the same and none of them seem to live up to their label. Enter the Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask. It’s only $9 for the 1 oz tub if you aren’t completely sold, or the $36 for the 8 oz tub which is the size in my pictures.
I take a little bit of the smooth cream and start at my roots and apply all the way to my damaged ends, getting a little more of the product as I go to distribute it evenly. The label suggests leaving in 5-10 minutes or “for even deeper conditioning, cover the hair in a plastic cap to retain moisture while sitting under the dryer for 30 minutes” and then of course, rinse and go about your normal routine! I apply my regular conditioner after letting the mask soak in for just 5 minutes. So far I haven’t tried the plastic cap method, but I plan on doing that this weekend since I know from previous experiences with other hair masks that it may require re-washing and is a bit of a time commitment.
I really love the smell of this one too, it is more woody and pairs really well with the Roscaro shampoos fragrance,  leaving your hair smelling great for more than a day. I’m huge on hair products that smell yummy, if you have long hair you know what I mean. The fact that this is a healthy product for my hair makes me feel better that it also smells good, since usually added fragrances aren’t great for your skin or hair.
I would and plan on purchasing this conditioning mask when I run out, I just haven’t experienced any deep moisturizers that didn’t leave my hair weighted down or greasy. This actually improves the appearance and manageability of my hair with immediate tangible results. I can’t sum it up much better besides to say that this Briogeo product really works, really well.
I give it a 10/10!


  • Briogeo is a great brand to look into if you have hair that requires special attention
  • The Roscaro shampoo is a good option if you are wanting to switch to a healthier formula but won’t sacrifice cleaning power
  • Briogeo’s Don’t Depair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask is the best mask if you want the shortcut to luxurious hydrated locks

Hopefully this review was helpful and I’d love to know what hair products you want me to try next! Let me know down in the comments, and leave a like if you enjoyed this post and make sure to share with someone who would love Briogeo!
*I received these products free from Briogeo via Influenster but all opinions are my own and completely honest*



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  1. Anonymous
    November 13, 2016 / 3:42 am

    Wow🤔Interesting, didn’t realize the scientific fallout of shampoo! No pun intended. I will be reading more carefully too. I have found that my hair only looks as good as the products I use on it so I will give it a try 👍Thanks

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