5 Free (And Almost Free) Ways To Improve Your Skin

5 Free (And Almost Free) Ways To Improve Your Skin

Nothing says fall like sweaters, boots… and dry, dull skin. So I’m sharing my 5 easiest (and free!) skincare tips so you can enjoy the new season without hiding behind a scarf!

I know how frustrating it can be when you feel like you finally have your skin under control, and suddenly the slightest change in weather can bring a whole new arsenal of problems. I have a few quick skin fixes I always go back to in a pinch, and a few products I’m eager to try for the new season. Break out your boots and beanies, you’ll be ready to face the chilly weather after this!


If you wake up with dull dry skin but you haven’t any super sleek serums or masks, don’t fret! Find the nearest body lotion (preferably fragrance free like Vaseline, Aveeno, or Dermasil) pump an excess amount and smooth all over your face. If you have clear cling wrap, this will double the effect. Leave on your face for at least 10 minutes, but I do it for as long as possible and then rinse with just warm water. Alternatively, apply the lotion to your skin before bed and let it soak in overnight (you might need a towel to protect your pillow) and don’t worry about rinsing in the morning. You should feel at least a little better and notice your skin got its bounce back!

If your skin is looking dryer than a crocodile’s backside, I might recommend either the Nip + Fab No Needle Fix Serum (1.7 oz | $14.05) or Nip + Fab Viper Venom Night Facial Treatment (1.7oz | $18.95). I’ve added these to my cart already, the majority of the reviews suggest these plumpers actually plump, and for a decent price. They are also sold at Ulta! Plus, I mean viper venom..VIPER VENOM? Take my money.


2. LIP POLISHclose-up, couple, faces

Before applying a matte lip I always take a dry clean wash cloth and lightly scrub my lips using little circles. This removes the dead skin drying up your lips and makes for a really smooth application. If you regularly exfoliate your lips and just need a quick buff to plump them up, then going over your lips with the bristles of your toothbrush is faster and the tingling effect of the bristles acts like a lip plumper to encourage a little more blood flow to the area. A couple of quick brushes over both your top and bottom lip should do the trick, remembering to use only a tiny amount of pressure. The softer the toothbrush the better, I only recommend this if you regularly exfoliate your lips. This is great to do while brushing your teeth or before applying your makeup.  Be sure to apply Vaseline or a chap stick afterward to ensure your lips are baby soft.

However, if you want to treat your lips to something yummy, I highly recommend the fresh sugar line of lip care! The Lip Serum does wonders for dry lips, and it pairs with the Lip Polish to make an awesome life lip-saving duo. Pricey? Yes, but Sephora has sample sizes of all these products and you can see for yourself they are worth the splurge!


A family member once gave me a little mason jar with “lemon sugar scrub” written in sharpie and I have never let that thing leave my sight. It smells fresh and summery and nothing has ever made my skin soft and fresh like this homemade exfoliator. This recipe from Sherri at tosimplyinspire.com is just what I was looking for when I ran out! I highly recommend this for all skin types once or twice a week, or when experiencing dull skin.

DIY Lemon Sugar Scrub (from tosimplyinspire.com)

  • 1 cup white sugar
  • ¼ cups Coconut oil, melted ( or almond oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil)
  • 15 drops Lemon essential oil or the juice of one lemon
  • 1 8 oz. mason jar or (2) 4 oz mason jars



I suffer from pretty bad eczema and I’ve made my rounds through the dermatologist office. Besides a lengthy bill, the most information I got from them is the great power of a good cortisone cream. Usually people already have this stashed away next to the band aids, but if not it’s pretty cheap and found at almost every store. If you have just popped a zit or have a blemish that just isn’t healing fast enough, cortisone cream is pretty reliable to diminish the redness and swelling. It’s great if you have an event that night and wake up in a panic. But it works better applying once a day to the blemish and not messing with it too much until it heals. Seems straightforward, but the best kind is actually the super thick clear ointment that I think can also be used for babies. I use just the generic CVS brand.


So by now everyone knows the wonders (and pain) of threading…as in the eyebrow kind. But if you give it a chance this technique is actually very fast and easy and will reduce the appearance of blackheads without having to buy Biore strips or poke at your face. I take whatever sewing thread I can find laying around and guesstimate how much will be long enough to twist around without being too long. Cut your thread and knot the ends. Put both hands thru the loop and twist it around 5 times. On a clean face, target the areas with blackheads within one of the triangles/loops in your hand that you will thread. Slowly open and close your hands in an alternating fashion and you should actually be able to see the hairs you’ve threaded out in the middle of your thread just like when you rip a Biore strip out. Make sure to apply a facial moisturizer or cortisone cream to protect this area. Removing hair from your face is a delicate process, and please be careful to go slow and only remove hair from small areas at a time. Your blackheads should be less noticeable but obviously are not completely gone. This works best when you have to go out and your blackheads are noticeable through makeup. I’m no expert on threading, so I recommend following a tutorial if you aren’t familiar with this hair removal!

I hope you enjoyed my short and sweet list of my favorite free at-home and DIY skin care tricks. Let me know your skin tips in the comments and leave a like if for sweater weather and better skin! P.S. Happy Fall!




  1. Anonymous
    September 21, 2016 / 9:04 am

    Sephora lip serum and lip polish will be bouncing around in my carry everywhere emergency makeup bag ! Both products sound perfect for me. I am very slow to change my lipstick once I find one I think is a great lip companion . For the last few months I have been dedicated in my search for a new lipstick and I am anxious to try your suggestion. Change usually scares me but I have found you do know your makeup!Thanks so much for sharing your new post💄

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