The Best of NYX at CVS Review

The Best of NYX at CVS Review
I went to 4 different drugstores and spent 30 minutes searching the Internet for where I could find NYX at my nearest drugstore, and I’m ready to give you a review on my picks!

I know… I’m late to the party. First, you should know that not all CVS stores will carry NYX, but I was able to ask an employee at another CVS and he pointed me to the right one. Also, the selection is a bit disappointing. They had a pretty good selection of lipsticks and glosses, albeit a tad picked over. They had 2 brow products, some primers, finishing spray, eyeliner and powders. I was looking for some foundation and a good brow product, but I ended up getting matte liquid lipsticks and the NYX brow cake which I haven’t heard much about.


First impression: confused. The container is small, the brushes are small, and I wasn’t sure why there were two very similar powder colors and no instructions? Thankfully I looked up a quick review and tutorial and grabbed an e.l.f angled brush to replace the brush that comes in the NYX set as advised by multiple reviews. Once home I got the spooly out and brushed my brows up and out a little and got my e.l.f brush and swiped it in the clear, soft wax and then into the darker of the two powders and began drawing a straight outline on the bottom of my brows. I should disclose that I’ve been growing my eyebrows out since March and I usually use a flat liner brush with matte black eyeshadow to lightly fill in the sparse areas. I’ve never actually used a product that was specifically for eyebrows. So my eyebrows are not exactly neat with clearly distinct lines, so I didn’t have super high expectations going in.
Honestly I was pleasantly surprised. Although the color comes out just a bit red when mixed with my black brows, they look so soft and really hold a nice shape. I bought the darkest brown duo, but I’ve read that mixing both colors is good for those who have an in between color. I highly recommend using another brush to apply, the one I picked up by e.l.f has worked perfectly and was only a couple bucks. You can buy it here.

I give it an 8/10!


I spent a long time (way too long) looking at swatches of the NYX matte lip cream collection and in the end I just held the tubes up to my arm and picked the more flattering nude color. The pictures accompanying the product of course are totally different than pictures online but they will always look different in person on different skin tones.
I really wanted to get Abu Dhabi because it looked so flattering but they were all sold out at my store. I had a hard time choosing between Cannes and London but ended up get Cannes and Stockholm!


I was nervous to try this one since I have been disappointed by every light nude lipstick I have found. It’s hard to find the balance between a beige nude and a brown nude, and I really wanted to get a shade that wears more beige nude since I already have some brown shades. I was really happy to see that this didn’t come out looking like I’ve put concealer on my lips, but has a pink tint to it giving it a really light and fresh matte lip that pairs great with lots of summer looks! I love doing a bronzey cheek and rose gold eye with this NYX matte lip cream.
swatch 1


My favorite of the three I got. This is a really great nude/brown for my skintone. It’s a just slightly darker than my skintone and leans more on the brown spectrum making it a great nude lip color for medium to light yellow undertone skin! It is different from the other brown nudes as it is a little lighter/ rosy and looks great with a summer glow.
swatch 2.png


I just knew this would look good on! Even though it is summer and I tend to avoid darker lipcolors, berry shades are still so popular and I couldn’t turn this one down. It really is beautiful on and is the kind of matte lip color that will make a great transition to Fall. It has a more red berry color rather than a flat plum.
swatch 3.png

In short:
  • I recommend the NYX brow cake for anyone interested in trying a brow product without risk
  • NYX brow cake looks best on bigger eyebrows with sparse hairs, doesn’t do much if you are trying to add to the top and bottom lines of your eyebrows
  • You will need to buy another brush for the NYX brow cake, an inexpensive short angled eyeliner brush or thin liner brush will be fine
  • The NYX matte lip creams are the best matte liquid lipstick at drugstore level, you can’t go wrong with these, imo
  • Do not go off the NYX matte lip cream store pictures for color, I advise holding the color up to your arm especially for neutrals or googling some swatches
I hope you enjoyed this review! If you haven’t already, go check out the NYX matte lip cream collection at your local drugstore or Ulta. Leave a like and make sure you are following my blog to get updates on the latest affordable makeup reviews!



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